Feather Headdress & Backpiece

Doesn’t the idea of moving gracefully wearing a beautiful feather headgear excites you? If this sounds like you, our stunning, glittery headdresses are worth a try. When it comes to thrill your audience, wearing an elaborate feather headgear can make a big difference. Wear our colorful and light-weight headdresses and carry yourself regally at all the times. This will surely have your stand out from the crowd!

We understand that moving gracefully while wearing those uncomfortable and heavy showgirl feather headdresses can be quite challenging. Our soft and light-weight handmade headdresses are designed to make you feel and look great all the time. Multiple layers of feathers ensure a full headdress. We ensure that you always look lavish and glittering with unmatched quality, construction and look, these offer. Crown feathers that feature fullness and softness are used to augment the size of costumes without adding too much weight.  The exquisite feather head pieces can be custom made in any color and you can even choose from our range of bright colors. Whether you want to have a goddess-like look or trying to add beauty to your fancy costume, these will fit into your needs. Our feather headgears look as fancy as real showgirls wear. In fact, showgirls have been wearing these to maintain a refined presence on theater all the times!

Our stylish, handmade showgirl headdresses are perfect for costume parties, or a theater performance. Wear a headgear of your choice and keep an alluring look on your face! Embody and celebrate exquisite feminine beauty! 

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