White light Led Shine fan staves & Hardware Assembly Kit

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Fan staves are used for D.I.Y Feather Fan Making for Fan Dances,

Burlesque Feather Fans,

Home Decor Accents, and for making Costume Accessories.

One set of professional stage quality acrylic feather fan staves and hardware Assembly Kit.

Each set includes 9 staves + screws + washers + wire + string .each kit make one fan,

these staves are connect and set up 

9 pcs LED White light staves
It can be with 18 pcs ostrich feathers

( not include feathers for this item)

There is go into 16 pcs mini LED with Double sided into each staves
each side with 8pcs mini LED
total is 144 LED

Have 3 sorts:

1:twinkle,shine 2:long-term light 3: douse the glim

The Control switch attached in staves,easy to handle it.
When you first press the switch it can be twinkle (frequency 4
times/ one sec.), second press it can be long-term light,
the third press then it can be turn off
The battery box with 2 pcs CR2032 3V Lithium Button Cell Battery

It’s the best time to use the long-term LED light in 60 minute
then brightness of the LED will slowly reduce till to use up
insuring its whole useable
I suggest that we should replacing a new battery when the brightness weaken.

Hardware Assembly Kit.


14 inches (36 cm ) tall 

Epacket delivery from china 7-12 business days.
if you order over 5 item ,we will free charge upgrade the shipping by express, 
which generally just take 3-9 business days on the way to you


Custom color options,

We have provide more than 40 color available on these fans.

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White light Led Shine fan staves & Hardware Assembly Kit